“Biden ABE-like (NOT) Legacy, fall/fail 2022″

Biden biding his time as 2022 fall/fail comes

G. B. Fischiatore; aka @JamesLamancusa

Listen here Mr Jay, don’t matta how much you pray,

Democracy must stay, ain’t no time to go astray,

We’s just work & play, no worry bout those on da fray,

Poor ole Miss May, won’t leave her house til things are okay.


Most people just think, public officials just plain stink,

Don’t matter what’s in ink, power & greed let’s others sink,

Before called em rat fink, and worse now dat we’re on da brink,

Seems ain’t nutt’n in sync, costs rise’n faster den a wink.


Voting rights going down, we got plenty reasons to frown,

Now election subversion, by GOPers [Goapers] seeking crown,

Evil grows in a mound, while pushing US to da ground,

Election Police now around, prompted by a clown.


Next’ll be burn’n at da stake, fear is what dey make,

Expect vote counts to be fake, who wins FOX will create, 

We have big stomach ache, now can’t even meditate,

Florida says if congregate, dey’ll incarcerate.


After all dat what’s left, stripped of rights like a real theft, 

Abe would see what duth crept, and what it is dat does infect,

Autocracy dey erect, cuz you’all blind to their accent,

Propaganda in effect, so twisted makes you deaf 


Now time for last draw, Exec Order for this BIG flaw,

One man needs to draw, it is meant as part of law,

Insurrection of US all, weighs BIG in RISE and FALL,

Legacy it duth crawl, now appears BRIGHT this very fall.


James P Lamancusa (aka, Giacomo B Fischiatore)


CommonGoodUnited .org/Inc


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